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Head Coaches


A CSM head coach is expected to represent Christ in character and service to youth through the game of soccer and through the creation and cultivation of mentoring relationships with the players and assistant coach on their team. Each coach is expected to fully participate in the ministry by running soccer practices that include leading Bible studies with their team, coaching on game days, and attending weekly coach development meetings. Coaches are responsible for their team and are expected to be involved and informed about the lives of their kids throughout the season.

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Spring coaches

Coaches Training:
February 16
Player Recruiting: February 5th-February 25th
Season: February 25th-April 13th

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Summer coaches

Coaches Training:
May 24th-June 1st
Season: June 3rd-August 3rd
Camp Ridge Haven: July 28th-August 3rd

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Fall coaches

Coaches Training:
September 14th
Player Recruiting: August 26th-September 18th
Season: September 23rd - November 23rd


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Summer Assistant Coaches

A CSM Summer Assistant Coach will help the team head coaches in mentoring and coaching younger players. Each assistant coach is expected to fully participate in the ministry and fill approximately 15 hours a week by helping run soccer practices, attending assistant coach meetings, attending all games and outings, having a positive attitude, and actively serving the CSM community.